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When should I visit a Cardiologist in Ajijic?

When should I visit a Cardiologist in Ajijic?

You can visit the Cardiologist when you think you have heart disease. There are symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, or dizziness that require specialized evaluation.
– In case of a heart murmur or electrocardiogram abnormalities.
– When a heart attack, heart failure or serious changes in the electrical activity of your heart occurs

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Who is the Best Cardiology in Chapala?

Who is the Best Cardiology in Chapala?

A Cardiologist is a physician with training and skills to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels. He also has the training to perform a cardiac catheterization or place a pacemaker.
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What training is required to be a cardiologist in Ajijic?

What training is required to be a cardiologist in Ajijic?

– Initially they are specialists who have a very solid academic training. So, the training of a cardiologist includes 6 to 7 years of training in medical school.
– In second place; They also carry out training in the specialty of Internal Medicine that can last from 2 to 4 years.
– Finally, the cardiologist undergoes a training of 3 years or more to obtain his title as a specialist.
– Due to the complexity of the specialty, they also carry out postgraduate or high specialty studies in Mexico or abroad, which may last for 2 or 3 additional years.
– A subspecialty cardiologist has more than 13 years of university training that guarantee his quality!
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Who is a certified cardiologist at Chapala?

How to know who is a certified cardiologist at Chapala?

Cardiologist certified by the Mexican Council of Cardiology are those specialists who pass the National Certification Exam where the theoretical knowledge of the doctor is qualified to exercise his specialty, his skills and clinical skills to provide care to patients with heart disease
– The skills and training of a cardiologist give you the ability to make important decisions in your health care.
– In addition, they allow you to perform procedures such as cardiac catheterization, inserting a pacemaker, or taking a patient for open heart surgery.
– These specialists perform examinations at the Mexican Council of Cardiology every 5 years because they must maintain their certification and update their knowledge.
– If your Cardiologist appears in the Directory of the Mexican Council of Cardiology, you can be sure that the Mexican Council of Cardiology has verified the academic credentials of your cardiologist, that your cardiologist has verified his continuous medical updating and that he possesses the knowledge, skills and skills to provide quality care and warmth.

Who is the Best Certified Cardiology Specialist in lakeside Ajijic?

Who are the Best Certified Cardiologists in lakeside Ajijic?

– In the first place, the best cardiologist in Chapala must present a recognized university degree to the secretary of public education.
– They must also have a specialist card.
– Subsequently, they must present a written exam and a practical exam with real patients in a highly specialized hospital.
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What are the work duties for a Specialist in Cardiology at Lakeside?

These are the work duties for a Cardiologist in Lakeside:

– It is usually in charge of carrying out the physical examination and review of the medical history of the patients “clinical history”.
– During the physical examination, the cardiologist will take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs with the stethoscope for the presence of heart murmurs.
– The cardiologist will also perform a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and check your heart rhythm. He will usually order an X-ray of your lungs and blood tests to check your cholesterol levels.
– With all this information, a diagnosis of your disease will be made, a prescription will be issued if necessary or will request specialized complementary studies to make a better diagnosis.
– Finally, the cardiologist in Ajijic can estimate your cardiovascular risk before non-cardiac surgery

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What tests will the best cardiologist do?

These cardiac tests will then be done by the cardiologist:
– Assesement of your blood oxigenation
Holter monitor for patients with palpitations

Echocardiogram: The echocardiogram uses sound waves to acquire information about the structure and function of the heart.
Electrocardiogram: It is an assessment of the electrical activity of the heart used to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias.
Stress Test: This is a study that measures the electrical activity of your heart during exertion.
Cardiac catheterization: It consists of introducing a tube near the heart and injecting contrast medium to see the coronary arteries. During cardiac catheterization, a metal mesh “STENT” can be placed to open a blocked artery.
Tilt table test: Ordered in patients who have fainting spells
– Finally, in some occasions they may request an MRI of the heart to search for myocardial viability
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Which are The Best Questions you should ask your Cardiologist in Chapala?

Which are The Best Questions you should ask your doctor in Chapala?

– First of all, it is very important that you feel free to ask your Lakeside cardiologist openly; If he have the following requirements:
– Does he have the official documents that support the exercise of your profession? (The SEP Specialist ID).
– Finally, it is very important to know if your Cardiologist in Ajijic have a current certification from the Mexican Council of Cardiology?
– In the event that your doctor meets these requirements; It therefore means that: you are in good hands!

How to prepare for the cardiovascular consultation?

How to prepare for the cardiovascular consultation?

– Before going to the consultation, we suggest that you write a list with all the doubts you have about your illness; since sometimes we forget to ask the
necessary questions.

– After listening to your questions, the doctor will kindly respond to your concerns.

– When the best cardiologist in Ajijic has finished the consultation, you can also ask him to explain the findings of the studies carried out, in this way you can clarify your doubts about it.

– Usually when videos of your heart are acquired, your Lakeside Cardiologist will explain the findings of the studies performed to you in detail.

– Finally, when the cardiologist in Chapala writes you a prescription, he will explain how to take your medication, as well as the adverse effects that may occur when taking them and finally the alternatives that exist in case you have a reaction to them.

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